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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Thats Clean Eco Friendly Commitment

Thats Clean are committed to providing clean and healthy surroundings for our clients with as little impact on the environment as possible

At Thats Clean we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help reduce our carbon footprint whilst maintaining our top grade cleaning services. From eco-friendly cleaning to recycling we have undertaken a number of strategies to ensure that consideration for the environment is at the heart of our business.

Our Eco-friendly initiatives:

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Our Pure Water Window Cleaning system is not only eco-friendly, it gives you cleaner windows than ever before.

Eco-friendly Cleaning products

We have sourced a local manufacturer to produce our own liquid cleaning products - Office Protect Hygiene. Our products are bio-degradable, eco-friendly and are based on natural plant extracts.

Commercial Cleaning

Where non eco-friendly options are not available we only select cleaning agents with minimal environmental impact.

Biodegradable Plastic rubbish bags

We have sourced plastic rubbish bags that are both biodegradable (broken down within a reasonable time frame and have a very low mass after degrading) and cost -effective (they do not cost more than current standard plastic bag).

Waste disposal and recycling

All waste is disposed of in a responsible way. We work with industry waste management companies and clients to introduce recycling programs.

Recycled Paper products

All paper products sold to clients are of a sustainable and or recyclable nature certified by and manufactured by recognised worldwide suppliers.


Environmentally conscious office

We have minimised the number of printers we have to one central printer. This has reduced paper, toner, consumable and energy costs. Where appropriate all copy paper used is recycled paper.

We ensure that our company vehicle use is as efficient as possible and all vehicles are well maintained.

We review energy consumption in the office and operations area to ensure minimal energy use.

We source local materials and consumables where possible.

Our team uses technology to minimise paper usage.

We continually review our business processes and seek ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Read That's Clean Environmental Policy for more information.


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